All our factories are certified according to DIN ISO-9001: 2015. Our operational and production processes comply with these important industry and safety standards. We also comply with European Union RoHS standards.

For customers in all the fields, we maintain standard processes for non-RoHS & ROHS manufacturing. Having the option of manufacturing in both RoHS and non-RoHS settings gives us the flexibility to service the widest range of industries.

In the electronics industry, accuracy and reliability are everything. Our fully-automated organizational system manages tens of thousands of individual components and ensures that each piece is assembled accurately. Over the years, we have developed extensive in-house quality assurance testing protocols that are carried out after each stage of the production process. At your request, we can also perform AOI tests, BGA inspections, high-voltage and function tests by outsourcing it.

Our involvement in all types of industries have also given us experience in adapting our manufacturing processes to comply with the demands of individual project or industry-specific quality standards. Depending on your project or industry, we will meet and exceed the quality-specifications you require.

As an experienced supplier for all industry, you can be assured that our quality-control standards conform to the most rigorous of industry specifications. Frequent customer and company audits verify our uncompromising commitment to quality here at Alfa Electronics.